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Hey there~ My name is Trang and welcome to my beauty blog~ I am a Vietnamese university student living in the U.S who loves Asian cosmetics. Especially Korean cosmetics! Here, you will find swatches and reviews on beauty products I use. If there any questions, please feel free to ask me in my ask box! or you can also email me at:, thanks for dropping by! :) Also, please check out my BLOG SALE here!

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Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream in Port
Innisfree Smart Foundation Long Lasting #21 Natural Beige
Innisfree Smart Foundation Water Balancing #21 Natural Beige

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…so I promised myself not to buy any Korean cosmetics until I go to Korea so that I can splurge but like look at this…it’s limited edition…so I couldn’t help myself….forgive me, my wallet T^T

…so I promised myself not to buy any Korean cosmetics until I go to Korea so that I can splurge but like look at this…it’s limited edition…so I couldn’t help myself….forgive me, my wallet T^T

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Three lippies that I’ve been loving this summer! ^^

Bite Beauty’s Port

3 Concept Eyes’ Popping P

Revlon’s Hot Coral

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Blog Makeover~!

Hey guys!! Finally after 2 days of editing codes and pics…After having the old layout for so long, I decided to change it up and have a complete makeover ^^ I hope you guys find this one more easy to navigate through and easy on the eyes. (Wayyy too much pink on the last one lol)

How do you guys like it?

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Etude House Rosy Tint Lips no. 8 After Blossom Review

I know this is really really late..I intended to review this apologies guys T^T Anyways, this is one of my favorite lippies. The color is so unique and gorgeous~!


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Giveaway Winner

Hello everyone~ sorry for the delay, the winner is princesskeru! Congrats~! ^^

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StyleNanda 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Jumbo Lip Crayon in Popping P Review

Hey guys~ I hope everyone is having a good summer so far~ ^^ My mom was in Vietnam for a few months in the spring and when she was there, I asked her to get some 3CE cosmetics for me. The jumbo lip crayons have been on my wishlist for a long time and I had a really difficult time deciding on which color I wanted to get. In the end, it was between Mad Red (deep brick red) and Popping P (medium cool purple) and I decided on Popping P because I have no other color similar in my lippie collection~ This color is so unique~ ^^


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Lancome Rouge in Love Lipstick in 232M Rosemantic Review

Hey everyone~

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of this famous department store brand, Lancome. My mom has always used their products and I can never forget their Poeme perfume because it always reminded me of my mom. I loved how their symbol is a rose and if you can’t tell by now, I love roses lol. Every product appealed to me because of the well loved products and their classic image. As a broke college student however, I can nonly dream to be able to afford this brand. I finally got this lipstick as a gift from my sister in law, who needed to reach a certain amount because Lancome is known to give out many deluxe samples sometimes. This is one of the most expensive lippie in my collection, let’s see if it lives up to its brand name.


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Back From Hiatus

Hi everyone~

I sincerely apologize for not keeping up with my blog but a lot has happened in the past few months that I couldn’t focus on writing reviews. To keep it simple, school, social life, personal issues and relationships took over all of my time that I developed unhealthy habits of sleeping late, not eating regularly, etc.. I am so glad that school is finally over and although I still have some issues that I’m still working through, I want to pick up with my blog again because I really miss blogging and talking to you guys. I would sincerely like to thank to all my followers and readers who have stayed with my during my sudden disappearance. I hope I can pick up where I’ve left off and make an even better blog, thank you everyone again! I love you guys! ^^

- Trang

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hiddengemx3: Hi! I recently stumbled across your blog by chance and I just wanted to say I love your reviews!~~ <3

Thank you so much for stopping by! :)

- Trang

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Anonymous: my friends birthday is coming up and id really like to get her a cute bunny sweater or something! do you have any cheap recommendations for kfashion stores that would have something like this

I don’t do much online shopping for clothing but I do have a couple of stores in mind for you~

1. Sheinside is pretty popular throughout tumblr and their prices are decent but they do have free shipping worldwide!
2. Forever21 is another store that might have something like that. Prices are cheap but they do charge for shipping unless you buy $50 or more.
3. Tofebruary is a store that specializes in Kpop and Korean clothing! Their prices are also decent and they have very cheap shipping fees if you live in the U.S.
4. My last resort is eBay lol Sometimes you can find the same piece of clothing on the other sites on eBay for much cheaper but you gotta look really hard and be careful. Check the seller’s reputation first before buying anything.

I hope this helped! And I hope your friend has a wonderful birthday! :)

- Trang

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